dark chocolate nutrition

Dark Chocolate Nutrition and Health Benefits

Dark chocolate is different from other kinds of chocolate. It contains 70 up to 99 percent of pure cacao / cacao solid. Some dark chocolates contain only about 60% of cacao. If common chocolate can cause weight problems, dark chocolate offers many health benefits. To know more about its advantages, you need to pay attention […]

is dark chocolate good for weight loss

Is Dark Chocolate Good for Weight Loss?

We usually think that chocolate makes us fat. However, dark chocolate is different because it is believed that dark chocolate can help reduce body weight. Is dark chocolate good for weight loss? There are many studies which show that dark chocolate cannot only help losing weight but also reducing craving, controlling appetite, and stabilizing blood […]

carbs in dark chocolate

What to Know about Carbs in Dark Chocolate

When you eat dark chocolate, you usually feel full fast. As we know, what makes us feel full is carbohydrate. Does dark chocolate contain great amounts of carb? Talking about carbs in dark chocolate cannot be separated from its benefits. In fact, dark chocolate offers many benefits especially related to health. One of the most […]

dark chocolate benefits

Dark Chocolate Benefits that You Might Never Expect Before for Your Health

Have you been hearing that dark chocolate is good for your health? Actually, not all chocolates with dark look will do. Dark chocolate refers to the pure chocolate that is still bitter. When it comes to health, the bitter is definitely the better. At least, it has to be 70% of cacao. Only then, you […]