What to Know about Carbs in Dark Chocolate

When you eat dark chocolate, you usually feel full fast. As we know, what makes us feel full is carbohydrate. Does dark chocolate contain great amounts of carb? Talking about carbs in dark chocolate cannot be separated from its benefits.

In fact, dark chocolate offers many benefits especially related to health. One of the most popular advantages is for weight loss diet. But, how many carbs in dark chocolate?
how many carbs in dark chocolate

The Fact of Carbs in Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains many beneficial compounds from cacao plant. That is why it is considered as one of the best superfoods. However, it is very important to know in detailed about carbohydrate in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate only contains low carbs.

It depends on how much the serving is. Because of that, dark chocolate is considered as one of the most delicious low carb snacks. In fact, almost all people love dark chocolate. However, you need to know that not all dark chocolates are low carb.

Net Carbs in Dark Chocolate

Carbs in dark chocolate is low enough. However, it contains high fiber. That is why dark chocolate has many health benefits including for weight loss.
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Why Is Dark Chocolate Healthy?

There are many people who avoid chocolate. Many people who have diet often keep away from chocolate because they think that chocolate contains high amount of carb. However, low carb dark chocolate, on the contrary, is good for diet because it can help you lose weight. Even more, dark chocolate is really healthy. What makes it healthy is its compound from cacao bean including flavonoid.

In relation to health, flavonoid contained in dark chocolate can reduce heart disease and diabetes type 2 risks. In addition, dark chocolate also offers antioxidants that can lower inflammation. A study also says that eating dark chocolate regularly can lower the risk of heart disease up to 57 percent. Other studies tell that dark chocolate improve cholesterol profile as well as reduce blood pressure.

Then, dark chocolate is also effective to improve mood and cognition. It may also relate to increased blood flow that lead to healthier whole body. To make it more delicious and nutritious, it will be a good idea to enjoy dark chocolate with milk chocolate. Anyway, dark chocolate with higher amount of cacao is better than the lower ones.
carbs in dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate for Weight Loss

As it is stated above, dark chocolate is low in carb. That is why it becomes a good option to plan for weight loss diet. Besides low in carb, dark chocolate is also low in sugar content. That is why we recommend you who have keto & low carb diet to eat dark chocolate in routine.

If you eat dark chocolate after meal, it makes you less hungry. Besides, it also improves sensation that leads to reduce your meal portion. It is because dark chocolate is really high in fiber. So, eating dark chocolate can prevent overheating. In fact, overheating becomes one of the most causes of obesity.

Now, dark chocolate is available in various brands. Whatever you choose, you have to make sure that it contains at least 85 percent of cacao. Besides that, you also need to prioritize dark chocolate with low carb and calories.