Is Dark Chocolate Good for Weight Loss?

is dark chocolate good for weight loss
We usually think that chocolate makes us fat. However, dark chocolate is different because it is believed that dark chocolate can help reduce body weight. Is dark chocolate good for weight loss?

There are many studies which show that dark chocolate cannot only help losing weight but also reducing craving, controlling appetite, and stabilizing blood sugar. Even more, dark chocolate will also increase your mood. After you eat dark chocolate, you will also feel full so that you limit your meals.
dark chocolate benefits for weight loss

Dark chocolate really helps you lose weight. Even more, dark chocolate also offers many other health benefits.

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Health

Is dark chocolate good for diet? Now, we are sure that dark chocolate really works to lose weight. However, you need to know that dark chocolate still has many other health benefits. Eating dark chocolate is same with most vegetables.

If you eat dark chocolate in small quantity, it can prevent arteriosclerosis, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and also reduce the risk of obesity. In addition, dark chocolate is also believed to be able to lower insulin resistance as well as prevent spikes in your blood sugar level. One more, dark chocolate also makes you full fast so that it prevents overeating.

Does dark chocolate help you lose weight? A study shows that dark chocolate does not only lose weight but it also affects carbohydrate & fat metabolism. This has a great impact to synthesize fatty acid and reduce digestion & absorption of fat & carbohydrate. That is why people who eat dark chocolate feel really satisfied. A good quality of dark chocolate also contains 70 percent of cacao or more.
dark chocolate weight loss

Dark chocolate also controls appetite. In this case, this decreases insulin resistance as well as lowers ghrelin level. It means that dark chocolate makes you easier to feel full. Even more, it also keeps you feel full longer. There are many researches related to this and it is really true. So, if you are interested in weight loss diet, eating dark chocolate will be really helpful.

Next, dark chocolate contains polyphenols that can enhance the well-being sense. The benefit is that you will feel good so that you tend to eat less. Besides that, dark chocolate also contains chemical which inhibits lipid breakdown. As a result, you will well-being and peaceful longer.

The Calories and Fat in Dark Chocolate

An ounce of dark chocolate contains at least 60% of cacao. It equals about 170 calories. If you want to get the best benefits, we recommend you to eat in moderation about 2 or 3 times a week. You can also try adding raw cacao nibs for a tablespoon that only contains 70 calories.

Dark chocolate contains fats, too. You have to note that fat is not always bad. Good fat will be good for weight loss. For your information, you can find 3 kinds of fat. They are palmitic acids, stearic acids, and oleic acids. All of them can help you reduce your body weight fast. For the more effective result, you should support your effort with exercises.